Telling our own stories

We are bringing the hard-hitting stories back.

Medius Ventures starts and operates media brands in niches that aren't getting enough attention (like environmental sustainability).

We treat every story like a new opportunity to influence decision-making in politics, business, and beyond.

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Applying software and data science to media

And pay close attention to the data.

Whether it's figuring out what articles are doing well on our publications (and why) or automating away certain areas of our workflow, we're bringing a software perspective to traditional media.

We're also building something in stealth at the moment -- something in the market research space. More to be announced soon :)

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we do the work we say matters.

And we get in the trenches with our clients.

We don't stop at the belief that stories are critically important to every business. Instead, we get in the trenches and tackle those tough strategic messaging problems.

Whether our client is an early-stage startup, household name, or venture capital firm, we forge true partnerships with teams to tell the best possible story, going beyond the simple presentation of problem and solution.

How We Help Our Clients

Working at Medius Ventures

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