Focusing on niches that impact quality of life

Building digital media platforms that make readers #1.

Medius Ventures starts and operates media brands in niches that profoundly impact people and how they live. Often, these niches have passionate audiences but have a content shortage (e.g. sustainability) because there are far more popular content areas to cover.

We want to leverage the platforms we build to both inform and galvanize our audience and make them true stakeholders in the future we are moving towards.

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Applying software and data science to media

Because it's the best way to know what our audience wants.

Whether it's figuring out what articles are doing well on our publications (and why) or automating away certain areas of our workflow, we're bringing a software perspective to traditional media.

We're also building something in stealth at the moment -- something in the market research space. More to be announced soon :)

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Doing the work we say matters.

And that means making creative a key part of our business.

We've got an amazing content team hailing from some of the top media brands in the world to support our own initiatives and our clients'.

In our case, doing the work that matters means getting in the trenches and partnering with our clients to put out awesome creative that converts.

How We Help Our Clients